For our course, we were asked to create an online learning experience (module) of our own. This is what I have created: 

Grade 5, English Language Arts

A Research Assignment

Outcome I chose:

Outcome (CC5.1)

Compose and create a range of visual, multimedia, oral, and written texts that explore, identity (e.g., What Should I Do), community (e.g., This is Our Planet), social responsibility (e.g. Teamwork) and express personal thoughts shaped through inquiry.

“My Hero, Through the Eyes of Technology.”

Summary: In this module, you will be researching someone who you think did important things in this world or someone who is important in your life. You will be allowed to bring your own devices to class and will be using them to help you with this project.

*if you do not have a device, do not worry – we will have access to some in class as well.


By doing this assignment, I want you to:

  • Understand what can cause change in our society and your own lives.
  • Understand what is important to you.
  • Express yourself.
  • Organize your thoughts.
  • Conduct research and present it in an organized fashion.
  • Use your own devices to complete this assignment.
  • Use technology during certain class times.
  • Be “respectful”.

Tasks (Tasks I want completed for this assignment)

Task One: Pick someone.
  • Someone important or influential.
  • They can be someone you know or someone you may have heard of.

*Need help deciding? Check out this page: Ideas for who I can research

Task Two: Research that Person

Gather information on the person you have chosen.

  • Write down what you find out (you can also type it and print it out).
  • Take some pictures/videos or look for some.
  • Use your own devices/phones or even the computers at the school or library.
  • Conduct an interview (who would you interview? How would you document?)
Task Three: Make a Presentation.

Put your research together, making sure it is organized and makes sense.

  • Write it or type it out like an essay (include some pictures).
  • Make a scrap-book or collage of the pictures you took or found.
  • Make a video.
  • Use a Computer Program to create a Presentation.

Big Questions I want you to answer in your presentation:

  • Who is your hero? Tell me about them (Where did they come from? How Old Are They? Etc.)
  • What did they do that was important?
  • Why do you think it was important?
  • How does it make you feel?

Optional Question:

  • How has this person’s work changed or affected society?


  • We will be working on this assignment in class, but if you want to work on it during spare time, please feel free.
  • I will be meeting with you to check on your progress and help answer any questions if needed. We will set up a time for these meetings during class.
  • I want to remind you that we need to be respectful when we use technology and when we do research. Please think about what “respectful” might mean, and we will discuss it during class.


What will I be watching for?

  • Participation (Lectures/Discussions).
  • Appropriate Behaviour (In class and while working on this assignment).
  • Understanding (Do you know what to do? How are you feeling?)
  • Progress (keep on working, and let me know what you have been doing with this assignment).

I will be using a rubric to grade your presentation.

  • If you want to see it online, go to this page: rubric for our research project.
  • I will also give you a copy of it during class, and we will talk about it.


– Add Information you find interesting or important.

– Ask a teacher, your parents, or your friends for help if you need it.

– If you want to do a different type of presentation, let me know. (i.e. creating a blog page, website, etc.)

Want to see examples or more advice?

Check out this page:

Tips, Advice and Examples.

“Remember to have fun with this assignment. Be creative, and don’t hold back. I’m super excited to see your work, and I can’t wait to meet your heroes.” ~ Miss Dorion


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