Task: Create a Rubric

We were asked to pick an outcome out of the curriculum and create a rubric catered to this outcome.

Arts Education, Grade 1

The outcome I picked:


Create art works that express own ideas and explore different forms (e.g., painting, drawing, printmaking) and media (paint, found objects).

The Indicators:

  1. Identify and explore many different colours in own surroundings and in art works, and identify red, yellow, and blue as primary colours.
  2. Identify and explore many different textures, shapes, and forms in own surroundings and in art works.
  3. Make size comparisons in own and others’ art works.
  4. Identify and represent top, bottom, front, back, and sides of objects.
  5. Recognize that what is seen of an object changes with different points of view.
  6. Describe own sources of ideas for art works, and discuss ideas in the art works of others such as picture book illustrations.
  7. Develop co-ordination and skills in using simple visual art tools and various materials/media.
  8. Make decisions about art media, tools, and paper size in creating a visual art expression.

The Rubric I Created Using Rubistar:

 Rubric - Art

The Activity Would be to get the students to create a self portrait using a variety of materials.

(Strings, Dry Pasta/Noodles, different paints, etc.)

We could also research what types of styles these are, and the students could find out which ones they like.

(Abstract, Portrait, sketches, etc.)

Sample Work of Self Portraits:

One art piece I would want to show the kids is Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. I would even consider having the students try to replicate the Mona Lisa Painting using different materials.

Sample Work of Mona Lisa Recreations:


Task: Create a Voki

Here is my Voki that I created. I wasn’t too sure what to talk about, so I talked about technology use in the classroom, and then my experience with this class.

My Voki Pic

To view my Voki,Click Here or click on the picture above.

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Task: Tutorial Video

This is the tutorial video I created using the screencast-o-matic program online. It was actually pretty user friendly, and I am ecstatic with my very first tutorial video. YAY!