Why didn’t I think of this Before?

I told myself that I should have added some quotes about teachers by now, since this is the career path we chose.

So, below are some quotes that I found to be beautiful, and I hope you gain some inspiration from them too.


Dr. Seuss,..

I remember I used to read his books when I was younger, and children are still reading Dr. Suess books and watching Dr. Suess cartoons today. I feel this is because these books hold a certain adventure and curiosity that ignites the passion to learn.

For some quotes from the works of Dr. Seuss, check out this page: Dr. Seuss quotes


The picture and quotes were borrowed from higherperspective.com

Shane Koyczan – “You have to believe they were wrong”

Shane Koyczan is a  Spoken Word Artist, Poet, and Author from Penticton, B.C., Canada. His works and collaborations are absolutely breathtaking and unique. He has been called “[p]owerfully engaging and authentic in attitude,” (cited from his Website), which can be clearly seen through his literary artworks.

One of my favourite pieces from his collection is titled:

“To This Day,”

(Live Version on “TED”)

“If you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror, look a little closer, stare a little longer, because there’s something inside you that told you to keep trying despite everyone who told you to quit.” 

~Shane Koyczan, To This Day~

My other favourites include:

“The Crickets Have Arthritis”


He is also currently in the middle of a tour performing his pieces.

To find out more about him, his work, or his tour, go to his website:


follow him on Twitter:


or Visit his YouTube Channel:


Remember Why You Started In The First Place,… and Keep Going.

I read this quote one day, posted on a classroom door, “Remember why you started,…” I remember thinking: “I know why I started – I want to make a difference,” So, I chose to pursue a career in teaching. I feel that education is the very foundation of society that changes lives.

When I first started this program, I believe I was expecting something different – something easier. I may have had some preconceived notions that this would be simple – do the four years, and get your degree. I realize now that it is not like that at all – assignments, computers, programs, fees, bills, work, and so on. There are times when I feel like it may be too much, like as if somethings got to give.

Then, I noticed that I tell myself, “No, you can’t quit.” This is a part of life –  Your lifeand your life is a result of the choices you’ve made. You have invested time and energy into making good choices, but that doesn’t always mean the journey will be easy.

Once again, I think about this quote. I realize now that, sometimes, it is not just about why you started,… It’s about why you keep going. That inner strength and determination that tells you, “No, you can’t quit,” That inner voice that tells you, “No, you aren’t stopping now,” and all the family and friends that you see around you as reasons to keep going. This ones for you,… Keep going!