My Final Project

Hey everyone, I just want to say that it was so fun learning more about the recorder. I did not think that I would have as much information to share as I did. I decided that it would be better suited if I made a blog for all this information. I created the blog, but I am not done editing it yet. I am hoping I can complete my project for tomorrow. I really did enjoy it, and I hope that shines through. Check out what I found out so far about the recorder:

Ruby’s Recorder Project


What to do for my Final Project?

I have been asking myself this question for some time now. This decision was hard for me to make, since it is a project that we will have until April to complete. I was trying to think of things that will fit the timeline, be easy to follow, and is connected to the curriculum.

I have pretty much narrowed my decision down to

(drum roll, please)

the Recorder!.

We are taking a music class this semester, and we are learning how to play (and teach) the Recorder, and I think this would be a great thing to document, since it is the first instrument I have actually started to play. I want to include pictures, tips, videos, etc. that relate to playing the recorder, and all the fun things I hope I will come to learn.

I think that this will be an exciting experience, and I can’t wait to get started!