TIM (Technology Integration Matrix)

I feel like the Technology Integration Matrix is very interesting and has a lot of information that teachers can actually use. I was profoundly interested in the Infusion category, as it seems to be the category where we place more choice/responsibility in the hands of the students. I like to give students the choice and freedom to express themselves, and I would say this should include homework and activities that involve technology. One example I can provide, is that I had found a Language Arts activity that a class was working on, in which they were working together to maintain and edit a magazine. They were using numerous devices such as computers, cameras, scanners, projectors, etc. Check out the page here and watch the video. It is such a unique and creative idea that I could see in my own classroom if I become a middle-school or high-school teacher.

“The teacher encourages students to use technology tools to make connections to the world outside of the instructional setting and to their lives and interests. The teacher provides a learning context in which students regularly use technology tools and have the freedom to choose the tools that, for each student, best match the task.”

I find the quote above speaks to my beliefs about freedoms and choices given to the students, because it helps to transform students into independent adults. Maria Montessori also spoke about freedom of education in her work as well:


I firmly believe that when you give students these choices and freedoms, they develop a higher level of learning that perhaps we could not even imagine ourselves. I am so looking forward to those days when students will be teaching me new things and I will say, “I never thought of it that way.”

This is because the time and energy students invest in schoolwork needs to be worthwhile and meaningful to them to take it to that higher level. It needs to be something that interests them. I myself find that I invest more time and energy in work assignments and tasks that I find interesting, and I find myself learning new or different things. This is what I want for my students.

An example I found on the TIM would be where a student was building a model of an Eiffel Tower. Click here to go to the page, and you will see in the video that she chose to do this project, and she chose what type of information was needed to complete the project. It is another activity that I see integrates student interest and technology use seamlessly.

To bring this post to a close, I just want to say that the Technology Integration Matrix is unique and interesting. It holds a lot of information that can be easily integrated in your own classroom.


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