Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy

I find that Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy holds a lot of information, but the part that interested me most was the information on “creating.” In this section, it shows different websites and programs that can be used to create a variety of works/assignments. I was particularly interested in is the Mixbook.


“As educators we must remember we don’t want to teach the technology itself, we want to use the technology to teach an outcome, and in achieving the outcome students will use their abilities to problem solve combined with peer and teacher support to figure out how to use the tool. The tool/activity is simply the vehicle to get to the final learning goal. Learning the tool should never be the goal.” – Milissa Gavel 

I feel that giving students the chance to explore and create can truly enhance their educational experience. They get show you what it important to them, and we must respect these aspects of our students. They have opinions and interests invested in what they do and how they do it. I feel it would be wrong to ignore their opinions and interests.

Now, for the question that was posed on our class blog:

“how is it that strong educators come to understand how to teach with technology at high levels as outlined in Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy where students are creating, evaluating and analyzing?”

Check out my tweet to answer this question:

Much like teaching itself, teaching with technology takes a lot of time and training. Perhaps that is what we need to build a comfortability with the numerous technological advances and devices we see today.


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