Reading Response #4

At the beginning of Module 4, I was a little overwhelmed. It just seemed like there was a lot to do, but once I got started, It wasn’t that bad. I enjoyed looking at the videos, and reading about net standards, netiquette, and being safe online. The topic of being safe online is one that is close to my heart, as I have seen this type of stuff happen, and have experienced it firsthand. I feel that cyberbullying, as well as not being protected on the net, are all too real.

They were real when the internet was first invented.

They are real today.

They will continue to be real for as long as the internet is operational.

I feel that taking a step towards educating this new tech-born generation shows how far we’ve come as a society, and how important our children/students are to us. Their safety should always come first, and this is done through information and knowledge for both children and adults.

A Girl Like Her Movie

I am glad that this class did bring up the topic of cyberbullying, and how we should conduct ourselves online, because without that, the internet can be a very dangerous place.

I feel that some children and even adults may not realize how easy it is to get hurt or to hurt someone else online.

Click on the picture to the left, to watch a trailer for the movie “A Girl Like Her,” It seems like an interesting movie, and it shows what cyberbullying can be like. Things like this movie as well as videos, pictures, campaigns, all help to build awareness and makes us realize that we need to do more – do more to protect ourselves and our students.

I even commend websites like the ones we have viewed in Module 4. Sites like Common Sense Media and Media Smart all play their part too in building awareness around internet safety. I hope that they continue to build awareness to keep children and even adults safe on the internet.

I really feel like the video that was shared on the ECMP 355 blog was an especially important part of this message, so I wanted to share it too:

I also found the “My Online Neighbourhood” video just adorable and informative. I liked the guidelines for children that are on it:  #1. Ask your parents first, #2. ONLY talk to people you know, #3. Stick to places just right for you. I think after seeing the video, kids would agree that these rules make sense.

I also liked the “Digital Citizenship Survival Kit” Thinglink that was shared with us. I had to laugh when I seen the Pet tie-out cable that was included in it. It was meant to represent how parents should set limits for their kids, but It was funny too.


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