Reading Response #3 ( …Continued.)

How To Use Social Media In Education (Part 1 of 2)

I like the way this article covers things like the change we have experienced in education, regarding technology use. I like that it referenced the past, where all we had as resources was our teacher and our textbook. I feel that this is very true, because even 10 years ago when I was still in school, this seemed to be the case. I can see the dynamics of education, and the view of technology, shifting. For myself, personally, being at an age where I have experienced both sides of the fence – having an education without technology, and then going over that fence, to the world where you see and experience all these advances taking place – It really makes me wonder, which side do I prefer? I would like to say that I prefer the less technology side, just because it holds a certain nostalgia for me – a simpler time, that was care-free and easy to maneuver. But I do see how much technology has shaped and changed a generation. I see children using phones and computers and other devices like they were born with it. At this rate, I would say that they are born with it, or will be soon enough. I always say: pretty soon you will see babies with cellphones the day they are born 😀

On another note, this article brings up “Respect.” I feel this is rightly chosen wording. I mean, you look at this new generation that adapt so quickly to this “new” and “ever-changing” world, that you have got to respect that.

This brings me to the idea of the changing classroom, and the part where this article discusses the shifting roles of educators. I feel that this true, we see different types of classrooms now, and there are some changes that I love, and some I still haven’t decided on yet. For instance, I love that it is so easy to do research now, but everything is so fast-paced that you see a change in behaviour itself, and I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not.

How To Use Social Media In Education (Part 2 of 2)

This article also takes an interesting approach on social media. It shows us what exactly different types of social media are, and what they can do. It also shows a video that puts a positive spin on social media in the classroom. It shows how social media apps like Facebook can be used for group discussions, homework assignments, and so on, that it made me think, “Hey, this is something I could do.” It made Facebook look different in my eyes, and opened doors to a new perspective of technology in the school setting.

I feel perhaps this is what I need more of – a description of social media and how to use it (positively) – in order to change my own personal viewpoint of technology and social media (I wouldn’t say my viewpoint is negative, so perhaps cautious would be the right term).


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