What to do for my Final Project?

I have been asking myself this question for some time now. This decision was hard for me to make, since it is a project that we will have until April to complete. I was trying to think of things that will fit the timeline, be easy to follow, and is connected to the curriculum.

I have pretty much narrowed my decision down to

(drum roll, please)

the Recorder!.

We are taking a music class this semester, and we are learning how to play (and teach) the Recorder, and I think this would be a great thing to document, since it is the first instrument I have actually started to play. I want to include pictures, tips, videos, etc. that relate to playing the recorder, and all the fun things I hope I will come to learn.

I think that this will be an exciting experience, and I can’t wait to get started!



4 thoughts on “What to do for my Final Project?

    1. Its actually a little harder than I anticipated, but I’m still practicing. I didn’t really think of sound clips, so I think I will give that a try. πŸ™‚ thanks, I will post something as soon as possible.

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  1. I think I already posted on this, but don’t see my comment so here goes again. How are you tracking your learning? What is your goal and how will you determine progress? I look forward to hearing you play us a tune.


    1. My goal was to cover some notes on the recorder, and I was hoping that by the end of the project, I would be able to play a song, which I think it will be great. Right now, I still feel like a rookie. I am seeing some progression in my ability to read sheet music and recognize more notes, so that’s something. Maybe I should start posting some of this stuff πŸ˜€

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