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9 Essential Social Media Tips For Educators

I really enjoyed this article because it gave advice that I feel are taken for granted. It is easy to say “Jump Right In,” but do we actually do that? I would like to say yes, but it is difficult to do so. It really depends on the person and the circumstances. - Club Tuki
Protect Your Kids on Facebook, by

The only thing I was wondering about, is regarding tip #6. I wondered why it would say policies aren’t needed for the use of social media. I get a little worried when children are on social media sites, so I naturally believe that standards and expectations should be put in place. This would help our students understand what it means to be safe and responsible on the internet. I firmly believe that we as teachers are guides and mentors, and a big part of our job is to ensure the safety of our students. I believe this should include online safety. I feel it may be too easy for children to get wrapped up in things like games, Facebook, and perhaps even cyber-bullying. Theses things could impact a child or their learning. The article tells us to “jump right in,” but are we expected to ask our students the same thing? Again, it brings me back to my questions about how far does it go? How far do we take technology use?

Other than that, I think the other suggestions make perfect sense. I see more and more of these ideas being put in place, that it is starting to feel like second nature. For instance, tips like “train teachers for today’s classroom,” make sense for the way society seems to be functioning right now: trying to make a difference through educating our teachers, … With all the questions I have, this seems to be a pretty good solution. To think that if I have concerns about social media or technology use, It would make sense for me to learn more about it, so I can figure out what would help enhance learning or hinder it. I also like the way that it uses the word “for today’s classroom”, because to me, this is saying that we don’t know what the future will look like. Let’s start with today and make it a great!


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