Reading Response #2 (Continued…) 

32 Ways to Use Google Apps in the Classroom

9 Things Every Student Should Be Able To Do In Google Drive

I feel that these presentations are incredibly informative. I didn’t realize all the stuff you could use the apps for, such as the collaborative aspects and sharing capabilities. I realize that technology is vastly increasing in our schools today, all around the world, but it makes me wonder if it is getting safer? My main concerns being privacy and safety concerns, and general amount of time spent on technological devices.

The only thing I need to remind myself as a teacher-in-training is that these programs are meant to better the education experience… So once again, I say be responsible and make a plan when it comes to technology. Seek advice or additional training when first learning how to use different programs. This should make it run more smoothly not only for you and your fellow teachers, but for your students, as well. I believe that if you are not comfortable with the technology you are using, then how can your students be?

Perhaps, it sounds like I’m being negative towards technology, but I assure you I am trying not to. I love the advancements being made in our modern world, and I am a big fan of technology when I know what I am doing, but at the same time, these programs are aimed towards educating future generations, and I only want the best.


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