Task: Tutorial Video

This is the tutorial video I created using the screencast-o-matic program online. It was actually pretty user friendly, and I am ecstatic with my very first tutorial video. YAY!


9 thoughts on “Task: Tutorial Video

  1. Ruby, you’re so tech-savvy! You sound very confident in your ability to demonstrate how to use Google Slides. This tutorial covers the key components to creating, editing, and sharing a presentation. I like that you introduced yourself and how to begin using this program. It does not overwhelm the viewer with complicated or advanced tools. Do you think using Google Slides would a better assessment and collaborative tool than PowerPoint? I look forward to watching your next tutorial on advanced settings! You did awesome!

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    1. Aww, Thank you! Thank you for noticing how I tried to keep it simple. I did that because that is how I would like to learn,.. baby steps. And to answer your question, Yes. I do think that using Google Slides would be a better tool for collaboration and assessment, because of the features that allow whoever you’re sharing it with to make changes to the presentation, and so on. I do still like using PowerPoint, since I grew up with it, but I think that using PowerPoint makes doing your work generally localized, so I would use Google if you don’t want to carry around a laptop (or a USB stick) to do your presentation.
      Thanks Again, And I am looking forward to making more tutorial videos too. I have a couple of ideas of what I want to work on.


  2. I didn’t know that Google offer this app. The only way I thought we would do PowerPoint presentation was using Microsoft PowerPoint. The tutorial was very informative and easy to understand keep up the good work.


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