Reading Response #2

What Do Schools Risk By Going “Full Google”?

I feel this article brings up the discussion of how far should we take technology use in our classrooms. I would like to say first off, that there are always pros and cons to using technology,  but the most important thing to do is to be responsible and critical when making decisions about what we bring into our classrooms. This article states that “Google’s business motive here is to expose young users to the Google brand. To hook them early.” I feel that a business like google, should not be targeting young students, especially children under the age of 16, any younger and students would be too vulnerable on the internet. I myself, certainly, was not born during a time when there was a lot of technology, but I was born during a time when technology seemed to come to a break through. Computers were introduced to the classrooms for typing and computer games; Televisions got flatter; music devices and cell phones starting becoming smaller and more plentiful. This was also during a time when we were unaware of just what technology was and what it could do, so we were cautious. What I see today is a completely different picture. I see a connection with technology that we have showcased in front of our children. The cautious nature we once showed has gradually turned into comfortability. I would even go to say that this attitude almost numbs children to the concerns of technology. They have grown up during a time when they see everyone using cell phones, devices, and computers, and they do not get to see what kind of questions should be asked about technology. They see adults with a device programmed for social media, and they may think it is normal. Perfectly fine. No questions asked. There are now even children who have social media accounts, when we should be asking how far does it go? Perhaps some comfortability is not a bad thing, because I personally know that there are apps and computer programs which are becoming more and more learning or education based, and designed to make life easier, including google, which is an app that can do a lot of things for the classroom, such as conducting tests, tracking assignments, and reading books. But this article brings the question to mind: how far? What are the standards we want to set? The main thing I would say is be responsible, follow safety tips, and keep technology use varied and optional. I would also say to stay current and alert in regards to different programs, especially when you are bringing them into a classroom of 20-30 children that are looking up to you as a role model.


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